Flagship Store Mobalco - San Sebastián.

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Mobalco San Sebastián is located in the heart of the romantic area of San Sebastian, on the mezzanine of a building from 1893, listed for its architectural value in the purest style of New York Soho studios. A house converted into an interior design studio, characterized by its natural materials, such as the oak flooring, the sandstone of the walls or the wooden structure of the building.

During the rehabilitation of the premises to turn it into a showroom, an attempt was made to value these elements, leaving the interior face of the exterior walls of sandstone masonry and the pillars of hundred-year-old oak trees visible.

We are looking for a coherent framework for a product like the Mobalco kitchens, a centenary building rehabilitated preserving most of the original elements, which emphasizes the commitment to sustainability; the unpremeditated sustainability of the construction methods of 130 years ago, with the effort made by Mobalco, seeking to reduce the environmental footprint of its product.

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