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Wood conveys the authenticity of material like no other.

Each piece is carefully selected by an experienced master for the best possible combination, using his long experience and sensitivity that machines cannot compete with.

We treat wood like a living being to be protected without adulterating its essence. The coating is applied layer by layer, with careful sanding between layers so as not to lose the authenticity of the material.

Precise detail has become a true obsession for us.

La madera transmite la autenticidad del material
Barnices y lacas de muy bajo impacto ambiental

The varnishes and lacquers we use are coatings with a very low environmental impact, with no isocyanates and 100% formaldehyde-free.

Their extraordinary surface hardness, resistance to abrasion and yellowing by light, make them essential in our kitchens, as we use only high quality materials.

The metallic finishes are applied by an exclusive process which adds metallic particles, providing a spectacular result.

All the edges are carefully hand polished for a perfect finish.

Linseed oil is the natural coating for the protection of wooden surfaces, and ideal for work areas, such as cutting and kneading boards.

The linseed oil coating is resistant to changes in temperature, where it is absorbed by the wood and becomes a part of it.

It adapts very well to ambient humidity and helps the wood maintain its properties; with occasional maintenance helping to keep these properties intact.

Aceite de linaza para el recubrimiento natural y protección de la madera
El acero inoxidable es ideal para la cocina

Stainless steel is an ideal material for the kitchen. It is hygienic and antibacterial.

Mobalco stainless steel fronts are carefully made double-sided, with strategically placed internal reinforcements for maximum robustness in the anchors.

The edges are machined using high precision technology and are manually checked and polished to remove any imperfections.

It is the green material par excellence, and can be recycled in unlimited ways with a recycling percentage close to 100%. More than 60% of today's steel comes from recycled steel.

Cuerpo fabricado en aglomerado hidrófugo
Diseñado para resistir grandes cargas

EPA-CARB 2 Certification:

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has adopted the legislation developed by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) that imposes strict limits on the emission of formaldehyde, making it one of the most demanding laws for this in the world.

All our frames are made of boards that comply with strict formaldehyde emission limits, below 0.09 ppm, and have the American EPA-CARB 2 certification.

Drawers: from small items to pots and pans.

Mobalco drawers are made of anti-fingerprint stainless steel sheet, and are notable for their sliding smoothness and precision, which incorporates an adaptive damping system according to the load.

Exclusive straight wall design of only 12 mm thickness. Track synchronisation and roller carriages offer ultra-light gliding.

The raised side cupboards prevent overloading or jamming when full.

The large dynamic load capacity, up to 80 kg, prevents wobble, even at maximum load. The front fixing system, with double anchoring, provides great stability when opening.


The titanium-coated steel hinges pass the most demanding laboratory tests with salt spray.

Plate holders.

The plate holder with a marine plywood base, Nanotech aluminium coating and wooden retainers facilitates the organisation of plates.


The exclusive rubber touch non-slip mat is made of high-density polymers (HDPE), 100% PVC-free and is easy to recycle.

Pots and pans drawer, 42 cm high.

The modules with a low, 42 cm drawer provides capacity for bottles and carafes that would not fit in a normal drawer, due to their size.

Large capacity bins.

At Mobalco, we use high quality containers with a capacity of 26 L to optimise waste management. The bins have handles for easy transport. The carefully designed lids seal their contents to prevent the spread of unpleasant smells and include a carbon filter.

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Our customisation programme offers the possibility of individual cabinet finishes.

Custom varnished finishes to match or combined with the front make your Mobalco kitchen a unique and exclusive product; care taken down to the smallest detail.

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