Three-year warranty

Our kitchens include a 3-year warranty period that will protect you against any manufacturing defect that may arise during this period.

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Six-year warranty

One of our main commitments is to give our kitchens a long life, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of cooking for a long time. Therefore, we invite you to extend your warranty to 6 years by answering this short questionnaire.

To reward the time spent on the questionnaire, we will send our "Welcome Pack" to your home. The present consists of a professional linen apron, a linen cloth, and a Mobalco wooden utensil.

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Carbon Footprint Certification

The Carbon Footprint calculates the balances of Greenhouse Effect Gases (GHG) in terms of the amount of CO2-Equivalent (Carbon Footprint) associated with the manufacture of a product, from raw materials to waste treatment, defining a scheme of evaluation and objective recognition by an independent and accredited entity.

This certification is the culmination of a process initiated by Mobalco as a means to evolve towards a more sustainable world so that consumers can opt for healthier and more natural products.

Circular Company 2021

The material circularity indicator (MCI) used in this analysis is based on the indicator proposed by Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2015b). Its objective is to evaluate the extent to which the linear flow for all the materials used in the production of a product has been minimized, or in other words, if the circular flow has been maximized while allowing comparison with other similar products.

CARB 2 Certified

The CARB 2 Certification, developed in California in 2009, regulates the emission standards for formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is an organic chemical compound that, under normal conditions, appears as a gas with a strong odor, is highly flammable, and very volatile; classified as carcinogenic to humans.

CARB 2 is the most demanding certification in the world and was a pioneer in the regulation and control of emissions of this substance. Its compliance is crucial as it guarantees that the air we breathe is clean and free of carcinogens.


The EPA Certification is the regulation by the United States Environmental Protection Agency of the emission standards established by the CARB 2 Certification.

It is the regulation that is currently applied in the United States to guarantee that all materials derived from wood, both imported and exported, comply with the established emission requirements. At Mobalco, we use a board with CARB 2 EPA Certification in all our products.

EFQM Model of Excellence

The EFQM Excellence Model is a European self-assessment model that allows organizations to carry out a rigorous and structured analysis of their activity.

The EFQM Excellence Model contemplates parameters not only referring to product quality but also to the company's relationship with the environment, its environmental impact, its social value, the approach to human resources, etc. At Mobalco, we have been pioneers in the use of this model that we have been implementing since 1996.

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