Feed your soul.

The soul is the vital force, the essence of people, the seat of desires and feelings and that which forges our identity. We care a lot about feeding the body but little about feeding the soul.

Since 1978, we have been creating kitchen furniture as a unique, personal way of seeing and experiencing life. In these times, when it seems we care only about appearance, we would like to stand up for the authentic, the search for essential, timeless values. We want to contribute to making a sustainable, conscious and responsible way of life viable and to care about natural resources.

Holistic kitchens, full of life.

At Mobalco, we design holistic kitchens, full of life, in tune with people who have dedicated their lives to improving our world and enriching our soul. Our involvement with nature and a job well done pushes us to put honesty before mere financial objectives, working to get as close as possible to clean production, without using materials which are harmful to the environment.

Nature is the spirit and inspiration of Mobalco. Our attitude is strongly consistent with the preservation of the natural environment, seeking essential materials in their simplest form, while thinking not only of their maximum performance during their life cycle but also in their eventual recycling or reuse. Being aware of the metamorphosis of succession of natural cycles, we incorporate its teaching and message, and are committed to responsible renewal, in tune with the principle of eternal return.


We use thick planks of wood acquired exclusively from controlled logging in sustainably managed forests. Actively seeking collaboration with suppliers, we obtain the best quality at source, observing the cutting season and achieving the best results in terms of duration and resistance to attack by organisms.

Checking Materials and their Origin

«Construction materials are taken from nature and will return there once again.»

Frank Lloyd Wright

We were pioneers in the use of CARB2 and EPA certified board with low formaldehyde emissions, and in the acquisition of special high technology equipment to use high purity varnishes and finishing products containing no volatile solvents or other constituents harmful to health and the environment.

In 1996, we implemented the EFQM Excellence model, whose parameters include product quality, the company's relationship with the environment, environmental impact, social value and a focus on human resources. Using The Carbon Footprint, we calculate the Greenhouse Gas balances associated with the manufacture of a product, from raw materials to waste treatment.

Implementing this finishes a process initiated by Mobalco to evolve towards a more sustainable world so that consumers can choose healthier and more natural products.

Consulting Certificates

"Hay cosas que ni aparentan ni son. Hay cosas que aparentan y no son. Hay cosas que no aparentan y sí son. Hay cosas que aparentan y son."


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